The Jones Family (in Flitcham from 1892 - 1906).

These photos and notes have been provided by Clarissa Turner, great grand-daughter of The Revd David Jones and granddaughter of Phyllis Jones. (Dec. 2007)

David Jones was born in 1852 in Llanddetty, Brecon. After he graduated in 1885 he was ordained Deacon in 1888 and Priest in 1889 at Llandaff Cathedral. He was at Curate of Neath 1888, Curate of Hardingham 1890, Curate of Flitcham 1892-9, Rector of Amner 1895-9 and Vicar of Flitcham 1899-1906.

  Bertha Jones wedding to Herbert Mason. Bertha's father was David Jones, the clergyman in the front row. His wife Emily, is at the extreme left. The bridesmaid next to her is Florrie, and the little girl is Phyllis. The bridesmaid slightly behind the bride is Ethel. Archie, the oldest brother is the young clergyman behind the happy couple, and the other brothers are from right to left: Percy, Harry, Frank and Cyril. The rest are assumed to be members of the Mason family. (Gwladys went missing when this photo was taken apparently sulking at not being the centre of attention). David Jones - presumably, judging by his collar and tie, taken before he was ordained at the age of 36 in 1888.
Gwladys and (right) Phyllis Jones. Phyllis recalled trailing behind her older siblings down the long track from the vicarage to the school and back calling out 'Tarry her! Tarry Tatty, please!" because she was so very little (two years old) and so very tired, and nobody would pick her up.
Cyril Jones, and his sister Phyllis, were the only children born at Flitcham (the others being born in Wales). The Jones' children all went to school in Flitcham and one is believed to have taught (her own sister) at the village school.
Phyllis told the story that on Sunday, April 1st 1906 he was walking from church and led Emily over to a place just beneath the east window and said, "That is where I should like us to be buried, Emily, and I shall lie there within a week." He was to all appearances a healthy (if stout) man in his fifties, but he died of a massive heart attack the following day.