Do you have a Flitcham connection? Did you go to school in Flitcham? Were you or your ancestors born here? Did you once live here?

E-mail me your details and I'll add you to the list.

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Connection with the Village
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Tracy Skelton lives in Canada and is descended from the Bates/Bateson family who lived in Flitcham in the 19th and early 20th centuries. See photos tskelton2
Margaret Malcolm from Bedfordshire is descended from the Linford and Goodship families who lived in Flitcham in the 19th and early 20th centuries. See photos lawnlord
Kim Singer of Snettisham, Norfolk is also descended from the Bates/Bateson family who lived in Flitcham in the 19th and early 20th centuries. See photos kim
Cindi Pearman lives in Bermuda and is descended from the Rev Bryan O'Malley (vicar of Flitcham from 1872) and Frances Keppel. See details cindipops
Val Rayner (nee Smith) from Rushden, Northants grandparents (Edgar & Sophia Rayner) lived at 38 Church Road. She remembers Jenny Southwell and Jill Butler raynerpc
Julie Gregory in Liverpool is descended from the Codman family who also lived at Harpley Dams juliecheryl222
Sophia Bix is the daughter of Ian & Clare Bix and grand daughter of publicans Cyril & Daisy Bix of the former New Inn 1948-81. Sophia was brought up in Flitcham and now lives in south London. You can read about her grandfather Cyril here sophiabix
John Bridges of Owen Sound, Ontario great grandfather John Henry Bridges was born in Flitcham in 1841. His g. great grandfather Charles Bridges was a blacksmith and was born in Flitcham in 1801. Charles married Elizabeth ("Betsy") Hepkin . jbridges
Roz Lingard lives in Colchester, Essex and is a direct descendant of Gertie Linford and Horace Oxborrow michael_lingard
Mervyn & Marian Southwell. Mervyn's parents lived in the old Post Office. Mervyn left the village when he was called up for national service in the Royal Navy in the 1950s. mariansouthwell
Kathryn Malachowski lives in the USA. She is descended from Hugh Mason and Mary Walker who died in Flitcham in 1811 They lived in Grimston and then Flitcham - where their son, William Mason was born in 1798. kmalacho
John Bates lives near Reading, Berks. He is another descendant of the Bates family. His grandfather John "Jack" Bates left Flitcham to work as a gardener in Kent before becoming head gardener at Beaumont College, Old Windsor. See photos John
Dr Helen Louise Kroening lives in Derbyshire and is the great-great-great granddaughter of James and Elizabeth Large of Harpley Dam Cottages (listed on the 1881 census and whose headstones stand in St. Mary's Churchyard) and is descended from their eldest sone James Caller Large. She would like to hear from anyone who has any information on this family. helenkroening
Kirsty Olley lives near Norwich, UK and is descended from the Savory, Farrow, Shaul and Dowdy families kirstyolley